A centre for the treatment of eating disorders

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Anorexia Nervosa
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Bulimia Nervosa
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A centre for the treatment of eating disorders

Support for Families and Carers

Families and carers of patients frequently are anxious and sometimes require help in understanding the nature of this complex and confusing illness. We encourage them to feel they are part of the support team and we ask them to share with us any concerns they may have.

We offer family therapy to families and carers and we try to arrange appointments to fit in with their own schedules.

All professionals working within mental health services are bound by professional codes of conduct to a duty of confidentiality to their patient. Wherever possible we will answer the queries of family members and carers and offer them reassurance. In addition to the team treating the patient, a staff member responsible for Carer Liaison will contact the families and carers of patients soon after their arrival to introduce herself and offer support.

It is important that families and carers are involved in the process of change, both for the sake of the patient and for their own well being. Being excluded can increase feelings of isolation and loss that are common to many in this situation. As the patient is restored to health, the dynamics of the relationship between patient and those close to them will need to adjust to take into account the changing perspective that recovery brings.

Occasional Carers’ Support Groups are held on Saturday mornings. These sessions are led by a member of staff. Occasionally a talk is given by a visiting speaker. These sessions provide an opportunity for families and carers to discover more about the treatment programme at Newmarket House.